Linking evidence
and action to
end youth homelessness

An Innovative Research Effort

Voices of Youth Count is an innovative, original research effort designed to link evidence and action by capturing the experiences of runaway and homeless youth, more clearly defining the scope of the issue, and driving compelling knowledge into the hands of the broad national community dedicated to ending youth homelessness.

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Building Knowledge

Voices of Youth Count will collect original data by interviewing and surveying youth and those around them, conducting quantitative analyses aimed at establishing a reliable national estimate, rigorously examining the effectiveness of investments we are making as a country, and connecting findings to the existing knowledge base built by a diverse and caring field.

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Measurable Impact

The research and policy analysis led by Chapin Hall at the University of Chicago will bring forward innovative and interdisciplinary thinking guided by key questions. As evidence emerges, Voices of Youth Count will link findings to the current local, state and federal policy landscape with an eye on funding levers, intervention options, and how services are delivered with a goal of compelling collective action toward measureable impact.

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Collaborative Effort

Voices of Youth Count is designed and will be carried out in an active collaboration between Chapin Hall, youth, funding partners, the field, researchers and communities from across the country from mid-2015 through 2017. Chapin Hall expects the evidence to generate change and future collaborative work for years to come.

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